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€3.00 €3.80
  • Pieejams
  • w42858

  • Modeļa Numurs: H0113
  • Izmērs: A4 B6
  • Materiāls: PVC
  • Veids: Prezentācijas Mapi
  • Forma: seifs

The article exactly matches the description
Razan Farah
very accurate what it is supposed to be. the actual product would be great if a tiny bit more care would have been taken when packaged. Flat sheet with 10 slots on one side of the sheet. the other side is flat with no card slots. has mushroom holes that match very similar to the arch system, though the round part appears slightly larger. not similar to happy planner system in terms of length of the steam estimated delivery was November 01 to November 20 but came on November 26. no protection. came in damaged but not unusable condition. just has some ugly scuffs and creases in it. all are damaged to some degree.

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